City Light Schools Celeberates Cultural Day in a Grand Style

The rich cultures of Nigeria were again on display, as CityLight International Schools, Uba Orogwe Imo State,  exhibited the country’s cultural heritage during its 2019 Cultural Day, with the theme: “Our Cultural Heritage.”

In a symbolic depiction of traditional heritage, pupils, students, staff and parents were dressed in cultural attires. Different cultural songs and plays were rendered, while traditional wrestling, as a precondition for marriage by a man was also enacted to the amusement of all.

The event was spiced with an array of traditional food by parents and staff. Proprietor and Chairman of the School, Mr. Wilson, urged Nigerians to place premium on the country’s diverse and rich cultural heritage, as culture is a way of life. He explained that Nigeria boasts of diverse rich cultures, with every ethnic group having unique culture with regards to language, dressing, food and shelter, among others.

He said culture is so broad that it includes language, dressing, food, buildings, religion and music, among others. He advised parents to inculcate good cultural heritage in their children, as they are the future leaders.

He said: “Our political and social values have some cultural heritage that are transmitted from one generation to another. Culture is dynamic, which is why history and historical artifacts would continue to be relevant in spite of modernization.

“We must ensure that our culture is transmitted to our children, otherwise, it will be lost and by implication, we would have lost our identity.

Every young Nigerian is expected to understand his or her local language in addition to English as a second language.”Mr Wilson, who lamented gradual decimation of Nigerian culture due to craving for foreign lifestyles, however, commended some state governments that have made it compulsory for every child to learn at least one major Nigerian language at primary and secondary school levels.

Below are some of the pictures taken during this history making event

city light cultural day

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