Nigeria Schools Reopening Days: Some Universities to Resume

Nigeria schools reopening date: Some private universities said they are ready to resume classes

Some private Universities in Nigeria have said that they are more than ready to resume their schooling activities.

Nigerian Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba said the country isn’t ready to risk the health of students all for the sake of the reopening of schools.

During the presidential taskforce on Covid-19 briefing on Wednesday, 27th of May 2020, Mr. Nwajiuba said the ministry would release guidelines on how things would be if schools were to resume.

‘’We would publish guidelines on what we expect adapting with COVID-19 would look like,’’ was what he said.
Babcock and Lead City University told BBC that they are ready to resume as they have gotten measures in place to ensure that their students are safe when they resume school.

The Spokesperson of Babcock University said the school is ready to abide by every guideline of the government.
‘’We made arrangement for physical distancing and hand washing.

We are ready and when the government remove the restrictions, we will admit students back,’’

Babcock University spokesperson also added that they have increased the number of security for thee campus who would ensure that the student obey the social distancing rule.

Lead City University also said that they are going to make preparations that would be in line with what the government wants.
‘’We have been putting in place everything we will need to resume. As it stands currently, our students are writing their second semester examination online and they will write the final examination tomorrow,’’ Abayomi the spokesperson of the Lead City University said.

He also said they would ensure that all classrooms are properly disinfected before and after the students use them. Hand Sanitizers and Face Masks would also be an enforced rule in the school.

Although, government has not given any guidelines that schools would abide by when they resume.


University Students are also hyping the fact that they are ready to resume school. Although their own reason is that they are tired of staying idle at home and that their allowances aren’t forthcoming anymore all because of the fact that they are at home.

Samuel, a final year student of Babcock University, said that he is ready to go back to school as he is tired of sleeping and laxation at home
Another student of Lagos State University (LASU), Taiwo Oyindamola, said she is ready to go back to school when the government finally authorizes the opening of schools.

“It hasnt been easy for me to read”, she said. I read anytime I like but on the other aspect, the lockdown of school is okay for the fact that it provided me with ample time and space to learn new skills.

Adewole Jumoke who is having her masters in the University of Ibadan also said she wants school to resume if the government can guarantee the safety of students.

She expressed her fear for the corona virus as the virus doesn’t show itself on the people it has infected, thereby aiding transmission.

Experts has said that carriers of the virus does not show signs that they are sick.
“We don’t really know the people who have the virus and the people who don’t, so as for me it is two ways,” was what Adewole said.

Oyindamola also said that government needs to ensure that everything is in place or they should try to control the spread of the virus before the opening of schools and also ensure that people obey the guidelines that would be released.


Nigeria Schools Reopening Date: Some Private Universities Set to Resume Classes



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