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Our Vision / Mission

CityLight aims to provide a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality for all its pupils & students. We believe that school life should be valued for itself and not only as a preparation for adulthood. The school aims for all its students to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and in the many extra-curricular activities that are offered. We hope that their involvement in, and enjoyment of, both work and play, and the friendships they make here help them to become well-rounded young people ready to make their contribution to the world in the years ahead.

Our Values

  • Recognition and celebration of the unique nature of each individual in the school community.
  • Encouragement of excellence within a broad curriculum which provides opportunities suited to a range of skills and abilities.
  • Facilitation of a broad range of co-curricular activities and challenges beyond the academic curriculum.
  • Promotion of moral and ethical values which reflect truth, honesty and positive behaviour.
  • Provision of an environment which is stimulating, caring, vibrant and which encourages a love of learning.
  • Emphasis on participation and achievement of “personal best” to increase self-esteem and personal well being.
  • Focus on the continual building and strengthening of the school community through an emphasis on positive relations between staff, students and parents.
  • Provision of opportunities for students of all ages to develop interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement. Together-we-CAN-01-copy
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