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City Light International School is an independent, non-denominational Missions school for boys and girls.  We are a thriving community where you will find students fully engaged and eager to learn.

One of the most striking features is its atmosphere: happy children and young adults going about their business in a purposeful manner. City Light operates as a family and the relationship between staff and students is exceptionally warm, built on trust and mutual respect, a good starting point for a fine education.

Our students are exposed to cultural differences early and are sensitized to various cultural nuances, thus equipping them to thrive in our shrinking global village.

citylight teachersOur teachers are passionate about what they teach and are strongly committed to the ethos of continuous improvement; always striving to get the best from their students and to provide an academic education of the highest possible standard.

citylight pupils


Over the years the school has expanded steadily and has an outstanding reputation for achieving the best for each student. Our philosophy lays its emphasis on academic excellence, sporting achievement and high attainment in a wide variety of activities.CityLight provides a breadth of opportunities through which children can develop their own individual talent within a very strong and supportive framework and every student is recognized for their own unique personality and ability.

citylight students


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