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SMCCD, USA, 2021 Global Beca International Student Scholarships

Each year, the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) awards institutional scholarships to new, continuing, and transfer students at its three colleges: Caada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College.

Academic success, financial need, or specific interests such as clubs, athletics, and service are used to determine scholarship recipients.


The deadline for applications is November 15th.

International countries are eligible.

Undergraduate level

Awards range from $250 to $3,000 in value.

Limited number of awards available


Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for this opportunity:

hold high school diplomas from the academic year 2021/2022.

demonstrate that they have an excellent command of the English language in both written and spoken form.
Complete the Minor Consent Form and demonstrate proof of high school graduation or the equivalent. Download and complete the Minor Consent Form Application Process, if applicable. Students must complete the following procedures in order to be considered for this opportunity:

Go to your Student Success Link and log in (information regarding logging into your student success link can be found HERE).

To return to your international application, click the link marked “SMCCD International scholarships Portal” in the image found on the official website.

Documents to be included as supporting evidence include:

Statement of Insight
Write a 250-300-word Personal Insight Statement on your program of study and how San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley can help you achieve your academic and professional goals. We’d like you to incorporate your answers to the following questions in your personal insight statement:
What academic work have you done that has prepared you for future success?
Why do you think extracurricular activities are vital for your future success?
What are the advantages of receiving financial aid for your education for you and your family?
A teacher, counselor, or principal must write a letter of recommendation in English.

a copy of your academic transcript from the previous year or your most recent school.

For further information, go to the official website.



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